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Divine Essence. Just a try                                  to emulate the Almighty

Mario Lazza was born in Carrara on the 6th of April 1977. Since his childhood he always showed interest in Art, Photography and Beauty.

He graduated at Maria Montessori Language School and attended some courses at the University in Florence.

From that time he began to cultivate his passion for Arts. With practice and lot of Dedication he improved his technique in Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media Collage.

Very often in Cave di Marmo in Carrara he used to share his artworks and experience with other Artists from all over the world spending there happy moments and keeping inside il Respiro dell’ Arte.

He participated in many personal and collective exhibitions and gained recognitions from Art Critics. Today he’s based in Tuscany Marina di Massa.


Miami Art Fair: Nov 30 – Dec 4

L.A.Art Show:  Feb  15 –  19




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